Year in the Life of a Freshman: November


Transition Issues

  • Excitement about Thanksgiving break
  • Talk about your expectations around family traditions & rituals
  • Registration for spring semester is coming up

Tips for Successful Parenting

Phone calls about low grades, difficult relationships or ruining a favorite t-shirt in the wash may be tough for you to hear, but none of them are the end of the world – yours or hers.  Be patient when you get those “nothing is going right and I hate this place” calls.  Your student needs a listening ear more than anything else.  Acknowledge her feelings and suggest ways in which she get help if she needs it.

It is vital that you talk about the expectations for the family rituals and traditions surrounding Thanksgiving and Winter holidays.  These holidays often center around long-held family celebrations that may now take on new challenges if your student must travel a significant distance from campus to home.  Be realistic about what is possible and invite him to be an active part of that conversation.


One Comment on "Year in the Life of a Freshman: November"

  1. Laura says:

    My son hates his college. Well, he likes the education hes getting, and the town would be fun (Nashville) if he could meet more kids “like him” He is at a school that is 99% music and we feel like we were deceived by this fact when we kept asking everyone we met if there were still non music students, we were always told yes and he would meet those kids, no problem! This school has grown a lot in the last several years, and Im thinking they want the school to attract other students other than just music. My son met some kids a first, but all they talk about is music and he has drifted away and mostly sits in his room and studies. I want college to be a fun time in his life. He is coming home for Thanksgiving and we are thinking of encouraging him to start to look to transfer to another school. Do you think this is a good idea, or should we give it the rest of the year, and if he still doesn’t like it look to transfer next summer.

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