Year in the Life of a Freshman: May


Transitional Issues

  • Final exams
  • Missing college friends over the summer
  • Conversations about expectations during summer months
  • Packing up to move out

Tips for Successful Parenting

Hang in there!  Finishing the first year in college is a big deal!  It’s a great opportunity to celebrate your student’s accomplishment.  Students with a year of college under their belt are not the same person you moved to campus just a short 10 months ago.

The freshman year in college is considered one of the most intense maturation periods in life. Though he may still seem like a “kid” in some ways, he is well on his way to adulthood. This is a great time to talk about your realization that he has matured and experienced life on his own, as well as your recognition that life has been different while he was gone – you will each have to readjust to “living together” again if he comes home for the summer.  The more these transition issues are actively communicated, the less difficult the transition will be for both of you..

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