Year in the Life of a Freshman: March


Transition Issues:

  • Distracted by spring weather – focus, focus, focus
  • Pending end of the year projects
  • Considering Student Housing options for Fall

Tips for Successful Parenting

Spring is here!  Flowers are blooming and the weather is looking up – a real distraction from being cooped-up during the winter months.  There are Frisbees to be flown, naps to be taken on the lawn, and, oh yeah, and tests and papers and presentations to prepare for.  Understand your students’ desire to feel some seasonal freedom while also encouraging him to give his best to his academic work.

What Housing options are available for the Fall? Ask your student to talk with you before she makes her decision. Independence equates with responsibility and this is certainly the case in less restrictive housing options such as apartment living, on or off-campus.  Some students do better work in less structured living situations such as residence halls, while others thrive on the community nature of more traditional housing..

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