Year in the Life of a Freshman: December


Transition Issues:

  • Concern about academic demands – finals & projects
  • Talk about expectations for holiday break – s/he isn’t in high school anymore
  • Anticipation of good food, lots of sleep and seeing old and new friends
  • Re-evaluate finances

Tips for Successful Parenting

Expect change – plenty of it. The son you dropped off in August will not be the one who comes home for the winter holiday. Change is not only inevitable, it’s expected and necessary for healthy relationships.  Your student will experience new relationships, academic challenges and cultural events designed to broaden his worldview and contribute to his understanding of how he can be engaged in the world.  Change is not only good; it is supposed to happen.

No matter where a student goes to college she will feel and think differently about herself at the end of her first semester; more independent, aware and able to decide for herself.  Encourage conversations that promote open dialogue about what your expectations are when they are home for Winter Break, and be open to hear her expectations too.  Holding on to, or reverting to “House Rules” that existed in high school rarely – ok, almost never – work well.

As you and your student process how the first semester panned out, ask questions about things such as finances, life choices, communication patterns and/or other issues you each became aware of – how might you address them differently in the future? What might each of you do differently? What went well?.

Author: Dane

Dane Anthony’s career in higher education spans 30 years on both public and private university campuses. In addition to serving as a faculty member, he has worked in the areas of Counseling, Residence Life & Housing, Student Health & Wellness, New Student & Parent Orientation, Parent Programming, and University Chaplaincy. Dane & his wife have 3 grown children and currently reside in Nashville, TN.

One thought on “Year in the Life of a Freshman: December”

  1. Totally digg’n all the tips!

    My son loves Belmont and is takining the ball and running with it! He made a comment over Thanksgiving break, “I could not imagine myself anywhere else”!
    I heard it with my own two ears!
    A proud Mom,
    Sharon <

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