Welcome to College Parent 101! This site is dedicated to assisting the parents of college students transition your relationship with your daughter/son.

I am convinced that after more than 30 years of working in higher education and parenting three children through the college years that, as parents, we are not really designed to “let go” of our children.  What we are designed to do is help them develop personal competencies that will guide them in life and work. This is our task, and it is vitally important to our child’s success, as well as our own.

If you will allow me a metaphorical look at this task, you might imagine this as updating your prescription for glasses or contacts – it is about changing your perspective, or the “lens” through which you see your daughter/son.  If you continue to “see” them in the same way, you will continue to expect the same and treat them the same; but they’re not the same!  They are moving into a new understanding of themselves even as you’re reading this.

Welcome to the journey!  You’re not alone in this; not by a long shot!  There are literally thousands of parents feeling most, if not all of what you are feeling.  I’m hopeful that the information I will be posting on College Parent 101 will help you navigate these next few years. I look forward to hearing from you…

I wish you great success. Dane.

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