Peace for the Journey…

As you look to the rapidly approaching day of departure for the beginning of the Fall semester, there are – if you are paying attention to them – a host of feelings rising to the surface about all that this new beginning represents.

We each embark on any number of journeys in our lives, this one – the departure of your daughter or son to college – holds as much hope and excitement as it probably holds fear and concern.  I’d like to encourage you to take the words of Poet & Philosopher Mark Nepo to heart for both you and your daughter/son, because I believe the journey is for both of you.

To journey without being changed

   is to be a nomad.

To change without journeying

   is to be a chameleon.

To journey and to be transformed

   by the journey

   is to be a pilgrim.

You might ask yourself the following questions over the next few months as they relate to your daughter or son’s departure.  Relax, breath deeply and ask yourself:

  • In what ways am I holding on?
  • In what ways am I releasing?
  • In what ways might I help promote self-competency for my daughter/son?
  • What might I be doing/saying that is more about how I feel than what my daughter/son may need?

Peace, Dane.

Author: Dane

Dane Anthony’s career in higher education spans 30 years on both public and private university campuses. In addition to serving as a faculty member, he has worked in the areas of Counseling, Residence Life & Housing, Student Health & Wellness, New Student & Parent Orientation, Parent Programming, and University Chaplaincy. Dane & his wife have 3 grown children and currently reside in Nashville, TN.

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