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  1. Dear Dane,

    Thanks so much for the wealth of information you’ve been providing to help parents and students with the transition to college!

    I’ve been in higher ed for 20 years (for the past 10 years teaching college students at USC, University of Cambridge and University of East Anglia).

    Last year I had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive guide for students in making the transition from High School to College in their studies, personal development, and direction in life. It seemed complimentary to your work so I thought I’d reach out in case you or any of your readers might have any interest. If you would ever be interested in a guest post, please do let me know. Of if you think your readers would be interested, I’m offering a week long mentorship in a few weeks at the end of July and would love to pull back the curtain about academic life for them. The theme of many of my blog posts and the seminar I teach is ‘succeeding by seeing beyond ourselves’. Although not explicitly theistic, is broadly based on a Christian worldview.

    I hope our paths will cross at some point and that it might be possible to collaborate somehow.

    With very many thanks,

  2. Hey Dane,

    Really like the mix of practical / intellectual / spiritual that you have on your blog! I found your site as I was looking for the best places for advice to parents of college students.

    I work at Mos, a company that helps students unlock as much financial aid as possible (free money before they get into any type of debt). The main thing we guide them through is how to get some of the $11 billion of state-based grant and scholarship aid available. Many students and parents that we work with don’t realize the extent of grants and scholarships provided by state and federal programs until they apply for them through

    One suggestion I had: in one of the next months of “Year in the Life of a Freshman”, what about reminding parents and students of coming financial aid deadlines (federal and state), and encourage them to apply / re-apply to everything they’re eligible for on time?

    Looking forward to connecting with you!


    Kevin Fodouop

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