A Year in the Life of a Freshman: September


Transition Issues

  • New relationships
  • Testing new freedom
  • Money, Money, Money

Tips for Successful Parenting

Being homesick is often just as much of an issue for you as a parent as it is for your student.  The first few weeks of college are packed with events to help students become engaged in campus life.  The challenges of meeting new people and learning the campus culture take time and energy.  Even if they don’t tell you every day, they do miss you.  Let them enjoy these experiences without having to worry about how you’re doing.

It is vital that you and your student have an open and direct conversation about the funds your family will commit to her education.  This is a great opportunity to talk about expectations – yours as parent and hers as a student.  What are the responsibilities, the hopes, and the expectations?  The key is to focus on open questions that promote dialogue and conversation!.

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