Peace for the Journey, Spring 2013

As we move into the newness of a new spring season, full of the hope that comes as life appears again in daffodils, flowering cherry trees and the like, I am aware that I have been hunkered down through the winter.

I often, this time of year, am full of the angst born of a hunkered spirit, of finding myself in some hibernated state of mind and spirit.  Spring then, always – and I mean always – holds promise of finding myself again with Continue reading “Peace for the Journey, Spring 2013”

Oh the Stress…

The pressures for today’s student to be successful are astronomical in proportion to those faced by those of us now guiding our children through the early stages of college life.

I think of Becca, a student in my First-Year Seminar course.  As the students talked this past fall about the struggles they were experiencing making the transition to college, she fought back tears about the dilemma she faced in wanting to pursue a path toward music because her father was pushing her hard toward business or marketing.  I recognized a theme emerging from the comments she and nearly all the other students made that day.  Continue reading “Oh the Stress…”