Mid-term is around the corner…

Mid-term exams are looming!  Most colleges and universities require mid-term grades to be posted for new students.  I am fully cognizant of the host of plausible responses that come in response to students receiving the report of their first college grades.

You may hear things such as:

What? How did that happen!?

A ‘C’ – I’ve never had less than a ‘B’ before…” — “This isn’t fair! 

I studied really hard Dad…the professor is terrible!”

Or maybe…

Wow, I did a lot better than I thought!

These responses are typical as students (and parents) address the stark reality that Continue reading “Mid-term is around the corner…”

Peace for the Journey, Fall

As we move into the beauty of fall, witnessing the world change around us, I can’t help but wonder about the questions we have about how our daughters and sons are changing while away at college.  What is shaping them?  What new ideas or experiences is she encountering that will make her a different than the person I knew?  What challenges is he facing that cause him to Continue reading “Peace for the Journey, Fall”