Peace for the Journey — My Life

As we move into the fullness of the Fall Semester, our kids are away and settling in to this new life; this new world they will soon see as a home of sorts.  I know that I wondered on occasion what my life would look like with the kids gone.  What was this new version of myself? How was I seeing my new identity?

So, as I sit with the poem from Billy Collins (former poet laureate of the US) as he considers his life as it is and wonders Continue reading “Peace for the Journey — My Life”

Hitting the Road

I searched a number of sites today looking for the information being doled out as advice to students moving off to college in the next few weeks: getting along with your roommate, eating well to avoid the “freshman fifteen”, developing a healthy schedule, being disciplined about class – most of them from lists of “10 Steps to College Success”.  I get it; there is a lot riding on this new adventure.  But, underlying all that, important as this kind of information is, there is very little out there about the emotional impact for you and your daughter or son.

Thousands of you will be hitting the road this week to move all those boxes into the new “home away from home.”  As you’re buying supplies, packing boxes, I’d encourage you Continue reading “Hitting the Road”