Opportunity is Knocking…

Walking across campus this morning, I saw signs for the Campus Activities Fair.  At this annual fall-semester event, held on campuses across the country, students stroll between table after table to visit with or find information on local businesses, campus organizations and clubs, local faith communities, community service groups and more.  It struck me as I watched hundreds of wide-eyed students full of hope and excitement, fear and curiosity, that this new world into which each has stepped is Continue reading “Opportunity is Knocking…”

Believe in Yourself!!!

As we sit in the new reality that our daughter/son is now off to college, and we are on this end hoping we do “OK” with it all that has and will come, my encouragement is that you both “do it well!”

As parents, we’ve all had some experience we might refer to as “out of the mouth of babes.”  And so, I refer you to a YouTube video that, to me, expresses my hope for all of us – that we believe in ourselves and in our kids, to give this new relationship transition all we’ve got…keep practicing!




Peace for the Journey…

As you look to the rapidly approaching day of departure for the beginning of the Fall semester, there are – if you are paying attention to them – a host of feelings rising to the surface about all that this new beginning represents.

We each embark on any number of journeys in our lives, this one – the departure of your daughter or son to college – holds as much hope and excitement as it probably holds fear and concern.  I’d like to encourage you to take the words of Poet & Philosopher Mark Nepo to heart for both you and your daughter/son, because I believe Continue reading “Peace for the Journey…”