Conveying “The Blessing”


It is crucial to a student’s success as she embarks on the college journey, that she does so with the support of her family and community.  I refer to the transmission of this support as “Conveying the Blessing.”

Each student has “landmarks” in his journey that helped guide him to this pivotal point.  Each landmark often represents a person – family, friend, neighbor, or mentor — who took a sincere interest in helping guide his journey, and as such, each person has a vested interest in his success.

I believe it is essential to Continue reading “Conveying “The Blessing””

Welcome to College Parent 101!

Welcome to College Parent 101! This site is dedicated to assisting parents of college students transition your relationship with your daughter/son.

I am convinced that after 30 years of working in higher education and parenting three children through the college years that, as parents, we are not really designed to “let go” of our children.  What we are designed to do though is Continue reading “Welcome to College Parent 101!”